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Por ejemplo, " Drivers ". Utilities Iso-Images Driveres. Descargas de Mercadotecnia. Ventas - Colateral.

Enabling MAC based access control on an SSID - Cisco Meraki

Compliance Casos de estudio. Descargas de Software de Soluciones. Note that the certificate file needs no extension. If you would like to install Zoiper without the need for user interaction, but with a progress indicator, use these command line options to the zoiper installer. You will need to adjust the name based on the installer you are using.


In case the username and or password is incorrect, an error message will be shown and the application will exit. Please restart the application and try again.

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If your speakers are configured and connected properly, you should hear a ringing sound. If you do, please click on the Yes button and move on to the Microphone step. If the selected microphone is connected properly, you should see the volume meter move when speaking into the microphone. If the volume meter is not moving, please check your cabling and make sure the proper audio device is selected in the Device section on the bottom of the page.

Now that the audio devices are configured, it is time to move on to the configuration of the server you want to use. A new page will appear to select the type of account you want to make. Your provider or system administrator should have provided you with a username, password and possibly a hostname. If your administrator provider you with a domain, proxy, registrar, hostname, outbound proxy or server field, please fill enter it on the last line. Fill in the username on the first line and the password on the second line.

The username could look like:. The password will typically be a random string, usually with a combination of lowercase and uppercase characters and some number like:. Zoiper will now try to figure out the best way to connect to the VOIP server. In case the account wizard is unable to automatically configure your account, this could be due to a variety of reasons.

Zoiper is designed to make communications easier and more intuitive. It is a powerful tool that combines voice, video and instant messaging in one.

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The menu bar consists of the Account dropdown, Settings menu, the Help menu and the language selector. The account dropdown is only present when 2 or more sip or iax2 accounts have been configured. Changing the selected provider changes the default account used for the outgoing calls.

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Here you can check for the latest version of Zoiper; the manual; visit our website; show the quick logs, about box; the manual, enable or disable the debug log; report a problem to the Zoiper team or read the about box. This dropdown lets you change the language. Contact us on support zoiper.

For example, the overview image shows a search for the first three letters of the name Peter. Typing in just the first syllable i. With each letter typed, the search is narrowed down to the right contact. It is possible to also search LDAP or the native contact and aggregate the results in the contact list. These buttons provide the basic phone functionality of Zoiper. Both buttons are grey and disabled by default. It becomes enabled green when you:. On the right side of the call button you may find a dropdown to send a fax or start an instant messaging conversation instead of an ordinary call.

It becomes red while dialing or in the middle of an active call. The tabbed windows feature provides convenient access to all functionalities. The tab windows are accessible via the Tab-bar located beneath the Call and Hang-up buttons. The four tabs bring the relevant windows: Contacts, History, Dial pad and Active calls to the foreground.

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All these windows are dockable. This means that you can drag them away from the main Zoiper window. This is particularly useful if you want to, for example, browse your Contact list and have your Dial pad on display at the same time. The contact tab shows a list with all contacts or, if a search is active, all contacts that result from the search query in the search field,.

The contacts are ordered in subgroups, with a small triangle next to their name that allows the user to hide or show the contacts for a given group. Clicking on a contact results in the contact field expanding to reveal more details and options, while at the same time enabling the green call button.

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If multiple numbers are available for a contact, a dropdown will appear on the right of the telephone number, giving access to all other numbers for that contact. On the bottom of the tab there is a contact menu, to quickly add or import a contact from LDAP or the native address book.

The Sort button lets you sort the people based on their name or their online status. The filter button allows filtering out the offline people. Entering a few characters in the search field will filter the results shown below, just like in the contacts list tab. The history tab shows a list with the history of calls and faxes exchanged, In a way very similar to the contact list tab. If you have missed a call, you may dial back the caller right away. You may observe the length of calls or the contents of messages. History also allows you to bring up faxes received, if you like to.

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When Zoiper is restarted, the History from previous sessions is still present. The previous Zoiper session from launch to Zoiper shutdown is saved in a History. On the bottom of the phone, a small menu is available with easy access for changing the online status, checking voicemail messages, showing missed calls, audio device selection and the audio wizard. This is an indicator of the online status of your current account.

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