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I plan to buy some more in the future. Not at all a bad choice. Due to the fact, that this tobacco is cut into ready rubbed, he belongs without any exception in pipes with significant large capacities. Who takes this fact into account will have perhaps one of the most good-natured and good-tasting pipe experience ever. Once this noticeably flavored tobacco is placed in a suitable pipe, the smoking characteristics change into a cold, good-natured and easy to control burning.

This tobacco tends to extinguish quickly and because you have to pull demanding to keep the glow up, he is very suitable for beginners the Mac Baren Goden Ambrosia reacts very generous and gentle to hungry, greedy and hasty pulling. Taste is debatable.

For me this cool aromatic tastes of powdery bergamot and fruity freshness. This delicate and exquisite tobacco is rounded off with a vanilla finish of the high-quality Virginia. The tobacco is a revelation and my most significant discovery of the year This also gains points in the igniting sector, it takes to the flame first time and delivers a VERY even burn which does not require a re-light often, at all. The smoke is fabulous, a fairly cool smoke that doesn't bite and it is also thick in build.

Vitamin N? Great, not strong and not weak but just right for me, think Rattray Highland Targe strength and if you inhale it then it's a joy to do so. Due to the fact the additives are delicate it only leaves a small ghost unless heavily smoked with very little cleaning.

Mac Baren: Cherry Ambrosia 100g

Don't get me wrong, the aromatic side is noticeable, all I mean is that it is more gentle and gives a little space for you to enjoy the tobacco flavours, for this reason it would make a great entry into the aromatic world. Final area to mention is room note: fairly light with a sensual floral touch. In the past months I have learned to appreciate many Mac Baren tobaccos, and some have entered in my regular rotation.

So, it's weird that I am not particularly enjoying what is considered one of their finest achievements. My impressions are based on a g tin: some people complain that the pouch version is often on the dry side, but the tin verson does a much better job in preserving the moisture and aroma of the tobacco.

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I would even dare to say that my tin could actually improved after a few days due to a slight drying of the content. The tin aroma and also the taste of the smoke has something familiar to me. Luckily, Golden Ambrosia will prove to be actually better, to my taste, than each of these tobaccos not that Erinmore Flake or St.

Bruno are bad tobaccos: simply they are a bit overwhelming in flavoring and nicotine content for my personal taste. If I had to say what the flavoring is Sure, one can detect other fruits too berries? My tin was not particularly "golden" in color. The tobacco was more on a brown reddish tone, with a good appearence consisting of broken flakes partially rubbed out.

Definitely a coarser cut than other aromatic mixtures, and the tobacco seems of high quality. No cavendish, as far as my eyes can tell. At the test of fire, it burns fine like most Mac Barens do. Quite slow, thanks to the cut, and producing little moisture. No tonguebite at all. The smoke is thick, very rich, and surprisingly for a Mac Baren with a stout body and intensity.

Even nicotine content seems higher than other tobaccos from this brand, although this certainly isn't a heavy smoke. Anyway, it's exactly the opposite of Black Ambrosia's light and breezy character: here you can distinctly feel the raw tobaccos used. The taste is intense, and the flavoring does quite well to enhance the tobacco nice mature Virginia sweetness, earthy Burley Personally I am not crazy about this kind of taste: mind you, it's not bad, or nauseating, or irritating. It simply doesn't make me want to have another bowl of it soon. Nothing really bad, anyway. If this were a little more powerful in the taste department, I would have given it four stars.

I submit that those of my briar brothers and sisters who enjoy lighter fare with added flavoring will find this particular Mac Baren offering to be tasty.

All Mac Baren blends seem to burn evenly right down to the bottom of the bowl and this one is no exception. MacBaren tobaccos were the ones I remembered smoking from my first relatively brief foray into pipe smoking back in , thats if I exclude the real true first foray back in around when at the age of 9, my grandad gave me a puff on his pipe - no doubt after relentless pestering from me.

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  • Mac Baren - Black Ambrosia - Tobacco Reviews;
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  • Lots of people say they have the best grandad in the world but they couldn't because I did - best grandad ever!!!! Anyway, back to MacBaren, this blend was my No.

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    • So i sought it out in when I restarted pipe smoking and struggled to source a pack and was eventually pleased to be able to order some in from overseas. It duly arrived, and on opening, the aromatic smell was great, as remembered, but the tobacco was very dry - not as remembered. The smoke was hot yet kept going out, and very harsh with bite but not with any of the lovely pouch aromas coming through. I think my pack was maybe old and the tobacco stale and this may partially account for lack of enjoyment i got from the smoke.

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      Or maybe I have just been spoilt with superior blends since restarting in Either way, it is rather like going back to the school reunion to find the girl you always fancied has turned out fat and ugly - bit of a disappointment and a shame to tarnish warm memories, but no big deal - move on. I have to say that I am not a great fan of MacBaren, it has indeed a certain constant style and taste, but it seems to me it resembles cigarettes too much, so I recommend it to those that want to quit cigarettes for pipe smoking, or smoking both things.

      Quality tobacco no doubt, but not for me. This blend is a bit similar to Mac Baren "Burley London Blend", the difference here is that they added some golden Cavendish with some fruity topping, the smoke is mild, the taste is semi sweet and fruity. Straight to the point, Mac Baren has created one of the finest blends on the planet, which is "Scottish Mixture". I find this a rather mediocre blend, with a pleasant pouch aroma and intriguing sensory feeling of the actual tobacco cut itself.

      No grand surprises, little tongue bite. At times one receives during smoking hints of creaminess and other vanillic scents. Certainly decent as an aromatic, though I cannot see myself pursuing it again. I'm not sure if my pouch was open or something, but my package was way too dry and the tobacco was almost tasteless, still you couls still taste the fruity tones, i want to see if thistobacco is really this boring or my batch was too dry.

      It seemed to burn fast even if sipped at the slowest cadence I could manage and after the first third of the bowl all I got was hot air taste. I do try to keep an open mind that this may be just what some pipers want, but I felt I should at least share my experience and let others proceed with that in mind. If you like cherry aros, I personally feel there are many, many others out there, that are far cheaper too, that make for a much more enjoyable smoke.

      Lane Limited: Very Cherry comes to mind first. In full disclosure, I'm not a huge fan of cherry tobaccos, but I want to stress that it was not the cherry flavoring that ruined this for me. It was just too hot to handle. Read Less. By: Brian C. Not sure what I was expecting when I purchased this other than the usual "cherry aromatic" but wow, this is NOT your typical Cherry Aromatic. Fantastic light, smooth smoke, the Virginia really lightens this up. Not sugary like many other Ch Read More erry cavendish blends. By: Evan S. It smelled like cherry with exotic fruit, no chemicals or bad hints, smells like a properly aged wine, with a fresh cherry coating!

      Tastes like mild cherry with exotic fruit, and is similar to the other mac Bs in taste and nic. But was a little more Read More nicotine than the vanilla flake. Overall a very good dessert blend! By: crisalfo. It is not so sweet as you might think, however, leaves a pleasant taste in the mouth.

      Mac Baren Black Ambrosia Aromatic Pipe Tobacco

      No bites and is very easy to expel him by the nose. Do not wait cherry flavor, because it is just a hint of flavor, nothing more. Burning pretty good and room note Read More is nice. By: cavemancop. Has a short lived sweet after taste. Ok , know up front that I enjoy Black Cavendish tobacco.. There are numerous black cavendish blends I enjoy , but I really , I like this best and am thrilled it's a blend that is offered in bulk.

      Dont ya just love when great blend is sold in bulk : Anyway , the flavoring [ whatever it is ] isnt over the top but rather on the mild end.

      I find it smokes dry in any pipe and the Black Cavendish aroma is crazy nice. I dont knwo if this helps but the flavor is obvious Danish as opposed to an American styled Black Cavendish , like say Lane BCA , which is also good but a different approach , imo. Ya just may love it.