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It's also available for all major platforms. Buttercup for desktop is a beautifully-simple password manager designed to help manage your credentials.

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Buttercup uses very strong encryption to protect your sensitive details under a single master password - Feel free to use stronger and more complex passwords for each service and let Buttercup store them securely. Buttercup is free to download and use and is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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Use it alongside the browser extension and mobile app for a completely portable experience. Releases Page. Looking for the best password manager for Mac? We examined all the top password managers and concluded that the following are some of the top ones available on the market.

The Best Password Managers for

Dashlane is a very popular password manager which is compatible with Mac computers. In fact, we think it might just be the best password manager for Mac on the market:. To read more about Dashlane, click here.

For more, read our full RoboForm review. For more, read our full LastPass review. For more, read our full 1Password review.

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The best password manager for Mac can create you a rock solid secure password, or you can do it yourself. Yes, we know Macs are safe, but only relative to PCs which are basically target practice for hackers. Your Name. It's better value for a family of two to get the business version.

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  8. Tomasz, the last major direct data breach LastPass experienced was in It has been in the news for security vulnerabilities in , , , which were later patched. But its popularity seems to make it a good target for hackers as well as for the feeling of vulnerability in users even in cases of indirect data leaks. LastPass is still a great password manager to use, which is why I have included it in the list above and why it continues to be on many of our Best Of lists.

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    Read our privacy policy. Now 1Password 7 is out, my version 6 trumpets it at every opportunity. Very boring. If one fails, the other works. Can you list these LastPass data breaches, pretty please? I've been their user for over a decade and can't recall a single one Scroll down for the next article.

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