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I haven't tried it yet, but hopefully I can make it work. Surprised I didn't own this?

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I believe it was my fourth Carbon I owned that shattered before I even formed a dip or hit pan. I have a ruined carpet and ruined purses to show for it.

So, I decided to try my luck with Black Tied. Most pigments irritate my eyes, so I'm really hoping this one won't.

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I think it's a really pretty all over lid color or highlight shade. If it does in fact irritate my eyes, it's a pretty versitile color that I can use on my cheeks or mixed in with lotions and self tanners for an extra glow.

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Need I say more? Besides it being pretty to look at, I thought it would be awesome mixed in with some of my lip glosses. I've been lusting this pencil after seeing Temptalia's review HERE in April despite her lips being dry in her photos, the shade is gorgeous.

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I've never tried any of the multiples despite the rave reviews, so I can't wait to try this one out and see if it lives up to the hype. I've been recently exploring the world of cream shadows, and this color was really appealing to me. Needed this! Aug 22, 3. I appreciate this op.

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Aug 22, 4. Thank u. Is there one for MAC Jubilee? Never mind, found one. NYX Pumpkin Pie. Aug 22, 5.

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I love love love dupe lists and this one is extensive. Thanks OP. Aug 22, 6. Taking note.

Mac Viva Glam V Dupe Grey Tulle + White Moto - cute & little | Dallas Petite ...

Aug 22, 7. Oh wow Niiice! Thank you for this! Aug 23, 8. Aug 29, 9. Thx OP!

Aug 30, Thank you OP for posting. Thanks for sharing OP! Great List! I can never find pink pout or primerose in stores. Sep 1, Do they have the same textures and finishes as the lipsticks they are ment to duplicate?